BIO METHANE: RELOX market leader with RTOs

Bremen, 4th Jan 2013
Bremen, 4th Jan 2013

Bio methane is produced by upgrading of bio raw gas to natural gas quality alternatively to burning and production of electrical energy. The advantage is the possibility to feed this bio methane into the existing natural gas network. The bio methane can then be utilized at places where a demand of waste heat exists. The production of bio methane from raw biogas creates an exhaust gas flow, which has to be cleaned in an RTO before it can be emitted into the environment.

The RTO is a highly efficient regenerative oxidizer, which is able to clean the exhaust without additional energy consumption (gas or electricity) to achieve the required clean gas limits. RELOX has been concentrated since 2009 to develop a very compact RTO to fulfill the different requirements at places out in the countryside. The result was a patented technology which was later accepted inside the biogas market to a broad extend. With more than 20 orders and a total value of 4 Mill. RELOX grew to market leadership of course in Germany, the largest biogas market today.

While in Germany the growth potential is shrinking other perspectives in the EU and outside of the EU in East Europe, America and Asia will open new chances of further growth. RELOX is well equipped with their new compact RTO called REGENUS to defend their market position in the near future in a field of growing requirements.

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