Exhaust air cleaning

Air – elixir of life

Effective measures for protecting the environment have highest priority in modern industrial plants and production sites. From an ecological stand point, purification of toxic waste air resulting from manufacturing processes is crucial.

RELOX TECHNIK has committed itself to industrial waste air purification, developing, planning and building waste air purification systems equipped with state-of-the-art oxidation technology. In particular, enterprises in the packaging, printing, painting and chemical industries rely on the competence and performance of the RELOX team with its well-founded knowledge of physics and chemistry as well as comprehensive expertise in the area of industrial engineering which makes the team an outstanding troubleshooter and expert on production processes.

Ecology and economy must go hand in hand. Acting on this principle, RELOX develops waste air purification systems which operate at comparatively low temperatures, in this way saving energy. The newly developed catalytic oxidation system, whose emissions remain far below legal limit values, is setting new standards. This is where our success lies. Today RELOX is the market leader in the area of thermal and catalytic waste air purification with regenerative and recuperative pre-warming, and thanks to its rigid quality standards, the enterprise is in high demand on the domestic as well as foreign market as a partner in industry.

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